Le Serpent Imaginaire

Ensemble Les Meslanges,
Volny Hostiou, serpent
François Ménissier, orgue
Thomas Van Essen, baryton et direction
Eva Godard, cornet à bouquin

The serpent, a brass instrument and predecessor of the Tuba, appeared in France in the 16th century. It is the bass instrument of the cornets. It was indispensable in french churches and cathedrals to accompany the voices. There are few works for solo serpent. It is known that serpent players were very accomplished at improvisation. You will embark on a journey through 16th and 17th century Europe as the serpent alternatively plays bass continuo, wonderful diminutions, takes the vocal part in a motet or blends with the organ. In other words, this programme is an excuse to rediscover the european repertoire alongside two instruments that harmonise well with the serpent : the voice and the keyboard.

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