Masses & Te Deum for Louis XIII

Pieces composed by Frémart, Moulinié, Boesset…

This program of French music comes from the first half of the XVIIth century, so not the period of the Louis XIV and Versailles, but that of his father Louis XIII. Born in 1601, he died in 1643, and was only nine when he came to the throne after the assassination of Henry IV. This period is little known, and yet some musicians  composed masterpieces as worthy as some paintings by contemporary artists like Georges de La Tour and the Le Nain brothers. During the period when the Renaissance was giving way to the Baroque, Du Caurroy, Bouzignac, Frémart amongst others, composed motets, fantasias and masses allying polyphonic conservatism with expressive modernity. The ensemble Les Meslanges, conducted by Thomas Van Essen and Volny Hostiou, which has come into notice in recent years for its original approach of the XVIIth century French music, invites you to discover this innovative and exciting program.

Creation and performances

Sunday June 3rd 2022 for the « Tage Alter Music Festival » – Regensburg Schottenkirche St Jacob Germany
Sunday August 28th 2022 for the « Musicales de Normandie » and « Solstice d’été »

Performers list subject to modifications : Cécile Dalmon – sexta pars and cantus, Esther Labourdette – cantus, Damien Ferrante or Raphaël Mas – quinta pars, Damien Rivière – tenor, Vincent Lièvre-Picard – contra and tenor, Thomas Van Essen – tenor and bassus, Philippe Roche or Roland ten Weges – bassus, Volny Hostiou – serpent, Anne-Marie Blondel or Frédéric Hernandez – harpsichord, Thomas Ven Essen or Volny Hostiou – musical direction